$1m gold and diamond bra on sale in US

A Birmingham store is selling an 18 carat gold bra encrusted with over 500 carats of diamonds for a whopping 1 million dollars.

The blinged-out lingerie, sold at Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers, was created by storeowner Anthony Aubry, who named it after his wife, Rita.

"If you just have that much money, someone would want it to say 'Oh, I have a $1 million bra,' or some people would put it on display at their house or something, and some people, believe it or not, would actually want to wear it," CBS News quoted Aubry as saying.

According to Aubry, the solid gold brasserie took over three months to design and took a crew of workers almost a year to make.

Aubry said that the major difference between his design and the famed Victoria's Secret million-dollar "Fantasy" bras is that the chain store's showpieces have "fabric in them and the diamonds are kind of imbedded into the fabric."

Aubrey's work of art is solid gold - it has 750 grams of it. Source:http://www.santabanta.com


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