Bride wears 520m-long dress

THIS bride has certainly gone to great lengths to look stunning for her big day.
Beaming wife-to-be Li Kuo, 25, wore a striking dress with a train that was an astonishing 520metres-long.
And with the gown weighing in at nearly 50kgs, it was no mean feat for her to walk down the church aisle. It took more than three months for the massive bridal train to be completed by a company in Beijing.

Li Kuo made the order in secret to surprise her husband and chose the length specifically because in the local dialect the pronunciations of the numbers ‘5’ ‘2’ ‘0’ sound the same as the words ‘I’ ‘love’ ‘you’. She said: ‘I wanted to give him a surprise and to make the wedding really special.’ Her husband to be Xie Tao, 27, who works in a local art museum in Wuhan, said it was a lovely gesture although it was difficult to get to grips with.
He said: ‘I wanted to pick it up before it was unfolded but it weighed over 48 kilos - and was difficult to get a hold of. But it looks really beautiful just like my lovely bride when it was fitted.’ The couple had these snaps taken at Botanical Garden, Hubei, China, before the wedding. When unveiled the train, total of 800 square metres - and it took more than 20 bridesmaids to carry it.

All that cloth does not come cheap with the dress costing £4,983 - dwarfing the average spent by a bride in the UK by nearly £4,000 - not to mention what the final bill might be for cleaning those grass stains.
Though, when you cost it per ft of material, which seems a little more reasonable. Source:


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