Pakistan sets World Record in Art in CIE

KARACHI: Art reaches beyond all social, cultural and religious bounds and so its significance is far-reaching and profound. Where people may think that the importance of arts is ebbing away, Samrah Tariq proves it otherwise.

Setting a world record in CIE exams 2011 in Art, Samarah, from Happy Home School, Karachi, is the only student from Pakistan to have set benchmarks of accomplishments and achieved CIE Outstanding Achievers Awards this year.

In a subject less opted in Pakistan yet drawing enormous traction through out the world, Samarah’s achievement has only manifested the fact that despite lack of rudimentary encouragement and incentives, Pakistan's got burgeoning talent that wins its way through all hurdles.

"It was the best moment of my life to hear my principal breaking the news of my achievement. The only feelings I had were of awe and happiness. My inspirations are my art teacher and my mother who showed faith in my work and skills."

Rubeena Shafiq, the proud art teacher said, ‘ Where art as a subject is somehow underrated in terms of the career opportunities it reaps for the students in Pakistan, it is a widely revered discipline and offers great paths in terms of career as well. By snubbing the importance of art, we in fact limit and underrate the importance of free expression and creativity-things that have led us to the state of disillusionment we are in, at present.'

Last year also, the award was secured by another gem from St. Josephs Convent School, Karachi.

While these outstanding achievers make us proud, it is hoped that they stay sure-footed to set benchmarks of excellence in both academics and non-academics and continue to make their country proud.


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