World's Oldest McDonald's Worker

Grandfather Bill Dudley is Britain's oldest McDonald's worker – aged 85. He says the staff are like family and he wouldn't be without his part-time job. Bill, a retired taxi driver, greets customers and wipes tables at the fast food outlet in Mold, Clwyd.

He says he's fighting fit for his six-hour shifts every Wednesday and Thursday, despite a pacemaker, angina and a new knee. ‘Sitting at home can get boring, I'm not a drinker and my wife won't let me touch the garden, because she does all that,' the former taxi driver said. 'A lot of the customers don't believe I'm 85. They look at me and think I'm in my 60s. I just like the job. I like talking to people and meeting people. That's why I loved the taxi work – I like solving their problems. A lot of the people working here are much younger than me, like a whole different generation, but they feel like family.' (Link | Via)


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