World's First Wheelchair Lift

Here is amazing Dmitry Bibikow who decided to make his own way after getting low answer from the council. He took matters into his own hands and built his own elevator.The result is truly uplifting. Now when he wants to get into or out of his fifth floor flat the 32-year-old from Voronezh heads outside.

Mr Bibikow, from Voronezh, south-western Russia, was badly injured after falling from a balcony but his determined spirit still drives him on.

‘When I bought the flat I had been told an elevator would be built,’ he said. ‘But after waiting six years I decided to take matters into my own hands.‘Living on the fifth floor without a lift was a nightmare because I couldn’t get in or out of the block without someone’s help. It was like being in a prison.’

Now the married father of one can get in and out in a few minutes.‘I used to do a lot of mountaineering before I had an accident which crippled me, so my arms are really strong and I can get from my flat to the ground and back up again before other people living on the same floor.’

Built with help from friends the project cost him just £450.Now Dmitry is waiting for land to become free so he can build a house.

Quoting a Russian proverb he said: ‘A man should be allowed to build a house, plant a tree and raise a son.’


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